The System For You

Game Plan

Providing quality opportunities to developers that take pride in their work. Providing access to tools and instructions to make the lives of our contractors easier.


As a independent contractor you are able to make your own schedule and work more around deadlines. Traditional 9-5 work days are consistently wearing.


We are looking for developers to assist with specific tasks that need to be accomplished. This allows you to specialize your talent, requiring less mental resources to be used. Jumping between several projects is what we want to prevent.


There are many tasks to choose from. Meeting with clients, to altering CSS. You have your option of what you want to tackle. More advanced contractors are able to take on as many tasks as they want.


  • Project Representative


  • Development Director


  • Framework Developer


  • Upkeep Developer


  • Visual Developer


Web Representative

  • Searching, discovering, and successfully delivering web projects.

Framework Developer

  • Creation of site pages.
  • Creation of site menus.
  • Word Press backend setup.
  • Add Filler Content if necessary.

Maintenance Assistant

  • Research web service issues.
  • Troubleshoot web service issues.
  • Communication with client and development team.
  • Communication, interaction, and assistance of 3rd-party outsourcing developers.

Development Representative

  • Initial sit down with the client, gathering vision information on what the client is looking for.
  • Documentation of the content and hand off to the development team.
  • Gather client information for Billing System and Future contact.

Visual Developer

  • CSS implementation on Word Press websites.
  • Working with 3rd party Photographers & Photoshop developers.
  • Adding “Live Content” to the website.
  • Optimization of “Live Content”.

Development Director

  • Highly trusted.
  • Access to Web Service Systems.
  • Main contact for other CNY Web developers.
  • Administrator of access to business systems and credentials.

Employee Compensation System

The Goal

Our goal is to deliver as many projects as possible to our contractors while allowing them to maintain their mental resources. This will allow us to deliver high-quality content to our clients.



Our workflow is currently designed to complement a full-time day job.


Team Payouts

  • Commissions will be payed out after projects are closed out and the clients are billed.
  • Multiple payouts can be awarded to the same worker. You will get the commission for each role you fulfill. You could technically Find the client or project, Meet with the client to gather info, Build the framework, and Build the visuals of the site resulting in a 75% payout upon the project’s completion.
  • Each commission is dependent upon the amount of assistance needed by the contractor to complete the project. The “Development Director” will determine the role tier of the contractor based upon their skill level. The higher the role tier the bigger the commission.


Team Projects

  • Each project generates a total profit, the total profit is then broken up into percentages and paid out to each contractor. Outsourcing Fees and Tools needed to complete projects are examples of costs that will come from the total project profits.
  • Outsourcing, most of the time when using outsourced resources the client is expected to cover the costs meaning it will not lower the final project profits.
  • Project Tools, most of the time tools are already accounted for before the project is started. If tools need to be purchased the client is usually expected to cover those costs.


Web Representative

10% Commission


Development Representative

15% Commission

Framework Developer

25% Commission

Visual Developer

25% Commission

Web Maintenance


50% Commission


CNY Webs


25% Commission Per Project

50% Commission Per Ticket


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