Technology Services.

Remote Support

English speaking support. Connect fast and easy.

  • Chat/Phone support sessions available
  • Secure and professional
  • Patient and respectful every call
  • 1 time sessions & plans available

Managed Technology

Technology services tailored to you.

Remote support, Commercial Antivirus, Backups, Device Maintenance, Etc.

Leverage your technology.

  • Priority Support
  • Increase the efficiency of your technology
  • Reduce downtime of your devices and staff
  • Proactive communication from experts
  • Devices are monitored and alerted upon
  • See all your devices from one portal


Equip your business with the latest commercial security software and system automations.

  • Daily security updates
  • Software fixes common issues automatically
  • Commercial grade Antivirus
  • Connect with support fast and easy

Data Backups

Have your devices and files backed up on a regular schedule that we tailor to meet your needs.

  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Backups
  • Defends against ransomware attacks.
  • Reviewed by support specialists.

Simplify the Web.

Taking complex technology situations and breaking them down, piece by piece until they are resolved. We take the time to explain situations and work patiently through problems. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

(607) 678 9327

Monday - Friday 10AM-4PM EST.

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